We help Businesses unleash their full potential with unmatched AI-Powered inventory optimization

Optimizing your stock has never been easier! With our software, you can automate and streamline your inventory management. 

Our Philisophy

AI driven, but powered by real people.

We supercharge businesses with savvy solutions, helping them manage inventory to avoid excess yet ensure availability.

With our speed-focused agile approach, we help clients consistently get stellar results.

  • Inventory availability 99% 99%
  • Reduction in stockouts 98% 98%
  • Reduction in time spent on forecasting, planning, and ordering 90% 90%

Up to 60X ROI in one year

100% ROI in the first three months

That’s not a fancy marketing headline. It’s a fact. See what benefits you get with our software.

Improve Cashflow

Anticipate future demand with greater confidence to optimize your existing warehouse capacity, free up cash tied up in inventory, and establish a healthier cash flow position.

Eliminate Excess Stock

Build more accurate projections and demand plans to keep high levels of availability while reducing excess inventory.

Boost Sales

Increase the sales potential of all SKUs in your assortment. Invest in your most important products to protect availability where it counts.

Save Time

Optimize your team’s workload by streamlining your demand planning process. To save firefighting time, quickly identify and address forecast exceptions.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate planning errors to perfectly align supply & demand. Identify potential supply issues sooner to reduce expediting costs and guarantee fantastic customer service.

Optimize Buying

Optimize every purchasing decision to minimize freight costs, maximize rebate opportunities & unlock strategic volume discounts.

Profitable Growth

Remain responsive to the demands of your market. We scale with your operation to keep inventory levels under tight control as your business grows.

Optimize Working Capital

Release working capital tied up in inventory while improving service. Accelerate inventory turnover and improve product availability by reducing overall inventory investment.

Reduce Risk

Rationalize assortment decisions with data-driven insights. Minimize risk throughout the product lifecycle to improve availability and avoid waste. Receive low and high stock warnings.

Seamless data integration

We integrate with Excel, Oracle NetSuite, Xero, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, SAP Business One, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Odoo, Skubana, Spire, Unleashed, Cin7, Fishbowl and other systems.






Dynamics GP

Support for all major e-commerce platforms 

Navigating e-commerce integrations can be tricky. We’ve made it easier, providing versatile integrations with 14+ top e-commerce platforms, empowering your online growth.

Proven results in many industries

From small e-commerce stores to large distributors.


Take control of spiraling assortments, volatile demand & supply chain disruption to drive efficiency improvements throughout your end-to-end operation.


Avoid unnecessary overstock while ensuring you have sufficient levels of inventory to cover future demand on time.


Transform e-commerce complexities into customer delight with our unmatched expertise.


Guarantee timely availability of essential components and deliver on your promise to ship completed products to your customers.

Ready to grow your business?

In today’s competitive world, the need for intelligent supply chain solutions has never been greater.

30-Minute Discovery Call

By the end of this call, you will clearly understand what is possible regarding stock optimization in your company.

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•  Businesses looking for a solution to reduce excess inventory

•  Businesses looking to leave inventory shortages in the past

•  Businesses looking to improve cash flow and free up frozen capital

•  Businesses looking to improve their margins and reduce the risk of lost sales

•  Businesses that have rapid growth and can’t cope with demand

•  Businesses looking to improve the performance of their merchant team

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 © 2023 Neuroforecast All Rights Reserved